Sonador Boschveld Chickens & Free Range Eggs
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Welcome to Sonador Boschveld Chickens

Where we strive to produce top quality free range chicken products.

We believe in humane farming practices where our chickens are free to express virtually all their natural behaviours.
Sonador chickens don't get de-beaked, aren't fed any food that contains hormones, artificial colourants or antibiotics. Chickens are vaccinated for all chicken illnesses, including coccidiosis and Newcastle disease. Our chickens get no growth hormones or routine antibiotics.


We breed, incubate, hatch and raise Boschveld chickens and also sell free range chicken eggs.

Day Old - Mixed Chickens
2 Week Old Chicks
3 Week Old Chicks
Free Range Eggs

Boschveld Charactaristics
The Boschveld is derived from three indigenous breeds - the Venda, Matabele and Ovambo.
They are very hardy and can withstand Africa's varying climatic conditions and keep producing well in free-range conditions.
Hens are very fertile with strong, healthy offspring. Egg production starts at 20 weeks.
Cocks are ready for slaughter at 12 weeks old and the meat has a good flavour.
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